Friday, 3 February 2017

Learn How to Wear your Leggings as Pants

Now a days leggings can be wear as pants in a fashionable way. Whether it is mid calf, ankle length, full length or 3/4th length legging. You can own stylize them and look gorgeous.  But you will have to keep in mind that whatever you will wear it will be comfortable not tight not short or long otherwise you feel very uncomfortable and conscious.

Learn How to Wear your Leggings as Pants

We present 8 ways to stylize your legging and be fashionable.

1. Experiment With Colors
Leggings comes in various variety of colors, styles, patterns and lengths. If you are a first user then you will have to give first priority to basic leggings like grey, black and brown. You can even choose sheer fabrics which would look lovely with shirt style dresses.

2. Balancing the Outfit
Leggings come in mid calf to ankle length, you can stylize with loose sweatshirts or over-sized shirts. This way balance slim legged structure with a roomy and relaxed fit. You can also use jewelry accessories or boots with these outfits.

3. The Color Block Trend
You can match colored leggings with funky tops, long tunics, long kurti, short kurti. You can also use floral pattern or stripes or bold pattern. Wear great pair of heel or long boots. 

4. Printed Leggings

Wear Printed Leggings as Pants

You can wear pretty printed leggings with long asymmetric tops, sheer tunics to look gorgeous and attractive. 

5. Pair with Long Tops

Wear Leggings pairing with long tops

Legging are not pants but for sure they make wearing sheer dresses easier. If you want to feel comfortable then you can pair your leggings with long tops. this will keep the look dashing and trending. You can also wear these dresses as formal or for office events.

6. Pick the Right Footwear

Wear Leggings pairing with Right FootWears

If you want your best leggings as pants to pass, pick stylish pair of footwear. Sometimes a pair of flats will work best for casual look, wedges, heels for the sexy look.

7. Leather Leggings

Wear Leather Leggings as Pants

Leather leggings can turn a casual look into party mode. Pick your best legging to wear as pants with a sequined top for a glamorous night party.

8. Maternity Fashion

Wear Leather Leggings as Pants Maternity Fashion

Stretchable and comfortable leggings as pants will pass as the best maternity fashion

Don't afraid to experiment with leggings as pants. Wear them with no confusion.

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