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7 Secrets Tips from Sonam Kapoor for the Fashionistas in Making

7 Secrets Tips from Sonam Kapoor for the Fashionistas in Making

Chique, style icon, diva, most trendy player in Bollywood! affirmative, Sonam Kapoor is understood by of these names within the Bollywood Town. It’s no 

secret that she has habitually been on first position on list of best-dressed and after all she options in ours too. From canes to Oscars, the fashion queen always has something different to offer.
Aspiring Fashionistas for you all, here are seven stuff you ought to learn from the fashion queen Sonam Kapoor.


Sonam Kapoor for the Fashionistas in Saree
Picture credit- imgkid
Sonam has tried everything and never feel shy from donning any outfit. Pantsuits, very little black dress, peplums, immense nose rings, maang tikkas and therefore the list goes on… You just need to name it and she has worn it, which too confidently. She loves taking an opportunity however, of course, check twice or may be thrice, before leaving for a brunch date along with your “Mean Girls”!


Sonam Kapoor for the Fashionistas in bodycon dress
Picture credit: Desimartini
Sonam carries all outfit with elan! All you pretty ladies out there got to be assured and swish in each apparel. that does not mean that you just suffocate yourself in a very bodycon dress and still attempt to look elegant. Being comfy in your skin is that the mantra for being assured.

Desi Love

Sonam Kapoor for the Fashionistas in Desi Indian Wear
Picture credit- NDTV
Anil Kapoor elder daughter loves Indian designers, in all probability even over her international favourites. while attending festivals abroad, She has continuously promoted home-grown labels. Net saree  of Her Anamika Khanna cannes 2014 and therefore the jacket and saree move tell us her craze about desi style love. No doubt that almost all Indian girls look more pretty and gorgeous in Indian wear. So on next date go ahead and lets surprise him in a saree. 

Which looks like that Cannes speaks louder than words!


Sonam Kapoor for the Fashionistas in Dolce & Gabbana floral strapless printed dress
Picture credit- NDTV
Sonam is the ideal fashion diva film industry and show off an impeccable sense of fashion. A gorgeous and beautiful dress without classy footwear will ruin your look and day. She knows very well what will make her look.
This Dolce & Gabbana floral strapless printed dress could be a show stealer at Cannes 2013. A necklace and a Side-swept hair make her look impeccable.


Sonam Kapoor for the Fashionistas in Head to Toe From hair to makeup accessories to manicured hands
Picture credit- udupitoday
Yes, she is excellent from ‘Head to Toe’, 'From hair to makeup', accessories to manicured hands, she is ideal from each angle.

Know your style

7 Secrets Tips from Sonam Kapoor for the Fashionistas in Making

Before spending money on clothes, give priority to your need and satisfaction first. We often purchased number of dresses but not wear more than once. So first of all know your body and then plan for shopping.


Sonam Kapoor for the Fashionistas as a Trendsetter
Picture credit- mtvindia
We often get to look her vogue and style through her stylish chic looks and that we fully love them. she will be able to wear a rose dress as simply as saree too. So, there you go, try to be the trendsetter. come back to the wrap-around skirt and 1980s hairstyles.

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