Thursday, 19 January 2017

What is appropriate makeup for work?

I am 26 and work with a county job with much older people. But I still love want to keep my youth! I'm a graphic designer and want to keep the edginess as well.

What is appropriate makeup for work?


I think this depends on what kind of impression you want to make. If you want to look sharp and professional, I recommend light, clean makeup. Bb cream, a neutral lip color, maybe a tiny bit of blush, and some mascara would be perfect. No winged eyeliner! It tends to wash light makeup out if it’s not done perfectly… and I think we all know how hard it is to get winged liner perfect!

If you want to be edgy, more makeup is fine. Winged eyeliner and bold lip colors are better for an edgy vibe than they are for a professional vibe. If this suits your workplace and won’t come across seeming juvenile, then you’re good.

Above all, though, you should be comfortable. Don’t force yourself to wear more makeup than you’d like to. You absolutely don’t have to use cosmetics to make a statement if that’s outside your comfort zone. Your makeup skills also aren’t indicative of your design skills, so don't feel pressured that way. Of all the graphic design students I knew, I was the only one who wore full makeup on a daily basis (foundation, contour, eyeshadow, lashes).

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