Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Try Subtle Hair Accessories for Work to Get a Polished Look

From braids to pony tails, from hair claws to ties, try different sets of hair accessories for work to look chic and confident!

Hey busy lady! Women manage to do millions of things simultaneously and so they do not get enough time to get decked up! And when it comes to office, when we get dressed up, we give the least time to hair accessories. Hair accessories are those tiny things which don’t need much investment and yet grab all the eyeballs! Plus they’re super trendy. So, lets pile them up!

We have selected the most stylish hair accessories which are simple yet elegant. Take up your level of hair accessories for work to a different level. You may think of hair accessories as too much of a hassle, but there are many that will make you look even more polished. Take a look and get few ideas for hair accessories for work for different hairstyles.

1. Hair Accessories for Half Up Hairstyle

Half-up hairstyle suits well for all occasions and of course, for office too. The hair accessories options that go with this hair style are hair claws, ties, sleek pins and barrettes. If you are in a hurry and no time to play with hair, then just put on hair claw or barrettes. Just in case you want to impress your crush at work, try unique or statement ones! For this just twist few strands of hair and hold them in place with pearl or rhinestone pins. Personally, I prefer leather barrettes because they would complete the formal look.


2. Hair Accessories for Work with Buns

A chignon or bun hairstyle is the best hairstyle for office as this keeps the hair in place and distraction-free! Hair accessories options for buns are novelty embellished pins, small artificial flowers pins, bun holders and little hair combs. For quick yet formal look, just tie a knot and insert a gold colored long hair pin. If you wanna make it fashionable yet subtle, try a feather hair clip.


3. Hair Accessories for Ponytails

Ponytails are the most common hairstyle worn by women when they are off to work. You can give a touch of uniqueness even to this hairstyle by adding a few effortless hair accessories. There are so many options like headbands, rhinestone pins, hair ties and barrettes. If you do not want to experiment and stick to this style, then add on a new hair accessory each day and make it look distinct. I love the red colored tasseled hair tie. Also, if you bored of the usual hair ties, then go for floral ones matching your outfit. Also try round metallic hair claws and leather hair ties.


4. Hair Accessories for Braided Hairstyle

I feel this is a leisure hairstyle. It takes a bit of time but once done, it looks great for Fridays at work. If you are fast at making braids, then enhance the look by adding on a few accessories like head wraps, bands, ties, hair ring, hair comb, and pins. If you wanna keep it subtle, just try a cute head tie. Go for hair rings for a statement look!


Things to Avoid

1. Avoid any accessory that is uncomfortable and distracts you from work.
2. Try keeping it as minimalistic as possible. Don’t overdo hair accessories if you have a formal office environment.
3. Avoid high-maintenance accessories that will keep in place for a couple of hours and make your hair look messy by the end of the day!
4. Avoid too shiny accessories that may be a distraction in meetings.

So, these are our favorite assorted hair accessories for work. Which one are you gonna try or which ones you are already trying? Do let us know in comments below!

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