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Natural and Amazing Overnight Dark Circle Remedies For You

Natural and Amazing Overnight Dark Circle Remedies For You

8-10 hours of sleep is compulsory for a balanced diet. If we don't take complete sleep then we will have to face those horrible dark circle under our eyes.

How to get rid of Dark Circles in a Day

How to get rid of Dark Circles in a Day


Cucumber is a terrific skin lightening agent. One of the best natural astringent and a terrific toner. this is the best solution to reduce dark circle fast. Put thick slices of cucumber in refrigerator. for about half an hour then keep them our your eyes for about 15-20 minutes before washing them off. the coolness of slices reduce puffiness & swelling and left your eyes refreshed and bright. This can be done twice a day in morning and just before sleep and see miraculous results. You can also add few drops of lemon juice on slices of cucumber as desired.

How to get rid of Dark Circles in a Day -  Cucumber


Potato is the fastest natural bleach to lighten the skin and remove puffiness & swelling. Take refrigerated uncooked potato, grate it and extract its juice. Take a cotton ball, soak in juice and then apply under eyes over dark circles. Leave it overnight or you can wash it after 15 minutes.

Remove Dark Circle by Potatoes

Tomato and Lemon

Tomato is the good bleaching agent for dark circles. Mix equal proportion of tomato and lemon juice and then apply on the dark area around your eyes and left for about 15-20 minutes and then wash it. You will get good results after using this method.

Dark Circles Remove by Tomato and Lemon

Almonds and Milk

Milk contains lactic acid which helps to remove fine lines around eyes, darkness and moisturize the skin as well. Almonds contains vitamin E, it helps to remove the darkness. Make paste of almond and cold milk and apply around the eyes and wash off after 10 minutes. This is the best way to reduce dark circles with fine lines and wrinkles at home.

Reduce Dark Circle by Almonds and Milk

How To Reduce Dark Circle Immediately

Sometimes you would like to remove dark circles immediately. you need to to do is soak a cotton wall in cold milk or water and keep it over eyelids for about 8-10 minutes. Some more methods like ice cubes covered with cotton cloth apply around the eyes, a small bag full of frozen peas or used chilled tea bags. They give instant relief and then use concealer. These are the excellent ways to reduce dark circle immediately.

Some more tips relevant to makeup:

1. Use a shade or two, lighter than your skin tone.
2. Apply concealer from inside corner areas of your eyes. Apply only thin layer not thick and merge well which will give smooth and polished look.

3. Avoid mascara on lower  eyelids.

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