Thursday, 19 January 2017

My boyfriend dumped me because I am not like other girls who wear makeup and fashionable clothes. What should I do?

My boyfriend dumped me because I am not like other girls who wear makeup and fashionable clothes. What should I do?


So let me put it this way. you are not alone; there are many, many more like you rather I would say us!

Lets analyse your problem in parts:

  • Boyfriend;
  • Got dumped;
  • Other girls who wear make up and fashionable clothes;
  • Last and the most important what should you do?

Boyfriend: The root cause. First of all I am 100% sure he is not your “FRIEND” , wont comment about the boy part :P. If he was your friend at all, you not wearing makeup, fashionable clothes, etc, would have not bothered him. Friends are not like that, they accept you the way you are, so chill, I guess you should correct your assumption :D.

Got dumped: Oh man this is very painful. Rejection is the worst thing that happen to a person whether it be by a living or non living thing. But hey, if rejection happens for good , it is the best thing that can happen to you. Just imagine you were in a jungle and a lion was about to attack you but he rejected you because you were not wearing so called fashionable cloth that make you look like a deer/ or its food :P, so you were saved. Its the same situation here girl. Your “boyfriend “ is the lion who was about to kill your personality, your individuality , your uniqueness, you should be happy you got rejected .

Other girls who wear makeup and fashionable clothes: You need to correct your definitions here! By makeup and fashionable clothes, I assume you mean application of some powders, creams and colours on your face, basically painting your face and fashionable clothes means those tight fitting jeans and crop tops,etc. See our face is a canvass and you do not need to paint it with artificial colours, God had made you beautiful, your eyes movement, that smile on your face, etc, etc help you paint a different story every second then why put artificial permanent stuff. And believe me pajamas and those baggy shirts are much more fashionable and sexy than anything else.

What should you do ? Nothing babes, just chill. You don’t have to wait for the right man who will appreciate your beauty and blah blah….why wait ???? Just keep living the beautiful life. Appreciate things around you specially what you have and not be worried about all this stupid crap. Believe me it will take some time, but just one request do not at all change yourself for some one.


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