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How to MakeUp you with Red Dress

How to MakeUp you with Red Dress

Winter holiday season is here, and the red color could be the best color code for all winter parties. What makeup you need to be done with your red dress? Further on what hairstyle will matched to your red dress? which lipstick you need to wear and like so.

No need to worry, here are ideas on your makeup with your hot sexy red look, hairstyle that gives your classy look and many more which gives you a femme fatale look in parties. 

1. Nude Glow On Red

How to MakeUp you with Red Dress

A red dress always looks flashy and bright which gives you Miss Hot Red Look. That's the reason why celebrities always choose to nude glow on red carpet. Nothing other need to make more attractive, nude bronzed glow is quite enough.
  • While doing your makeup with red dress, no need to use foundation.
  • Apply tinted moisturiser and then follow up with mineral glow powder applying on face.
  • Use Powder Blush to get glowing cheeks, Then use bronzing powder on apples of cheeks
  • Use natural, kohl pencil, mascara(black) and matte eye-shadow for your eyes.
  • Complete your makeup by using or applying sheer lip gloss or you can also use nude lipstick for your lips.

2. Red On Red

How to MakeUp you with Red Dress

  • When we need to makeup that match with your red dress, red color lipstick gives you look but you need to be confident of pulling it through.
  • You can also go for bold look if your have to attend the night function or party.
  • Always begin with foundation with light blush on your cheeks. 
  • Use just a little touch of bold eyeliner(winged) and also can go in for fake eyelashes. Please avoid dark eye shadow.
  • For lipstick that match with red dress, go for the same red color as your dress or also can wear one of the same red family lipstick because that red color  clash with your hot red look. 
  • And don't forget to complete your makeup with lip gloss with red dress .

3. Fun And Flirty

How to MakeUp you with Red Dress

  • While your are wearing a casual and fun look, then use some techniques that goes with red dress.
  • Start your makeup with a moisturiser. After that follow up by neutral eye-shadow color. 
  • Then have a pencil eyeliner and by using your finger mix it with the eye-shadow till your eye makeup need to be minimal, you can go in for fake eyelashes.
  • You can use mascara for curl your eyelashes. 
  • Color to your cheekbones little bit not excessive highlighting. 
  • A tinted lip gloss is enough for your lips.

4. Lips And Nails

  • When we going to start makeup, lips and nails are two important areas which need your attention most. 
  • The ideal thing you can go for tinted lip gloss and light lipstick shades.

5. Hairstyle

When we think about a hairstyle for red dress, remember that a simple hairstyle always would look good. Don't go for tight curls or an complicated hairdo. The best thing would be curled tresses slightly falling on your shoulders.

Hairstyle you with Red Dress

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