Thursday, 19 January 2017

Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?

Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?

Ah! The million dollar question to which the answer is almost always a collective mumble.

For some odd reason, the college where I did my engineering program was filled with boys who considered it their birthright to comment and criticize their female classmates on what they wore, how they dressed, what perfume they wore, how high their heels were, and so on and so forth. And sadly, more than 95% of the girls meekly did what their Big Brother classmates expected them to do w.r.t their dressing style.

I was one of the rare rebels. I never used to care about all the unsolicited ‘fashion advice’. I wore make-up that suited my age and it made me feel good when I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t feel the need to please anyone else. That was never my intent anyway.

What used to intrigue me though was that the very boys who used to be big-time advocates for looking au naturel would openly ogle at any random woman who passes by wearing make-up. Once I was traveling home in a bus and one of my male classmates was sitting next to me. We were happily chatting when suddenly the guy’s words sort of trailed away. His eyes glazed over as he focused on something behind me. I looked in the direction he was looking at and there was this advertisement billboard with an extremely beautiful model. Any layman could have said that she had caked her face with layers of make-up. Looking at my friend, it was obvious that he was ogling at the model. I got mighty pissed off. Well, here was a guy, who used to make fun of me for using eye-liner and lip gloss, admiring and openly ogling at a woman from whose face we could have scraped down at least 500gms of make-up.

Excerpts from the conversation that followed…

What are you doing?


What are you staring at?

Huh? Nothing.

I thought you didn’t like these kinds of women…?

What ‘kind’ of women? I like all women! Hahaha!

Not funny! I thought you had a problem with women who wore make-up. You seem to be this big advocate for ‘natural beauty’ even if the woman’s face is pockmarked with pimple scars.

I don’t have a problem with all women who wear make-up. Only the ones I know personally…or intend to know personally.

What…? I’m not sure if I understood that.

Look…as a man, I tend to associate women wearing make-up and overdoing themselves with women laying out a bait for men. It’s for attracting men, obviously. That’s why we stare and fantasize about all these female celebrities all the time. They dress up with an intent to be fantasized about. I don’t want to think about any of the girls I know personally in that bracket. To me, they should be just my friends or my sisters. I honestly don’t want to think about them in any other way. This is why I tell girls I care about not to dress up so much. Y’all have no idea what guys think when they see you that way. You told me once about how your classmates sent you a rubber band in class when you’d left your hair open. Why do you think they did that? You have beautiful hair, Dear. If I know guys well enough, more than three or four of them would have found their minds wandering to places they didn’t want it to go to. That’s why they sent you that band asking you to tie your hair up. So when we ask you to remain natural, despite the pimple scars, we are indirectly helping ourselves and discreetly protecting the girls we genuinely care for from lecherous thoughts of others like us. And despite all this, how many couples have been formed now? Just imagine the situation if y’all came to college wearing make-up and stylish clothes and all that? Try to be a bit more understanding, Dear.

I was like…

Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?

That was most bizarre logic I have ever heard in my entire life! So apparently, as per his logic, guys like women who wear make-up as long as they feel that it’s okay to have dirty fantasies about them. If they don’t want those to come up (in their mind or in the minds of other guys), they tell the girls to chuck the make-up box.

Wow! -_-

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